Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Conant Girls Feeder Basketball?

The Conant Girls Feeder Basketball (CGFB) Program is designed to prepare girls to play basketball at Conant High School.  The CGFB is a direct reflection on Conant High School, and the program achieves to attain a high level of respect and integrity in every situation.  The main objective of CGFB is to develop all of the fundamental skill levels of each girl in order to prepare them to be a contributor to the Conant team starting freshman year.  Fundamentals are a priority, and game strategy will be emphasized as the season progresses.

Who can participate in Conant Girls Feeder Basketball?
All girls that live in the Conant High School boundaries and plan on attending Conant High School are eligible to participate.  We look to field at least one team at the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade levels.
How does the tryout process work?

Tryouts will take place by the middle to end of September each year and are done over a two-day period.  The girls will be given drills to participate in during the tryouts while the coaching staff observes each participant.  Scrimmages will also be conducted to see how the girls react to game situations with defensive pressure.  Evaluations will be conducted by current or past Feeder Coaches.  The tryout process takes place before the add/drop dates for the Elk Grove Park District and Schaumburg Athletic Association (SAA). This allows families the flexibility for refunds(if they signed up for Park District) or the ability to join their respective Park District team.  We encourage all players who did not make their Feeder team to continue with their basketball endeavors.

How are the teams chosen?

Conant will field at least one team at each grade level-  5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Grade.  Typically each team looks to roster 10-12 players maximum.  In the fortunate event, if Conant Feeder has more girls than it can hold on one roster and there are multiple coaches willing to take a team, multiple teams may form.   A player is given a spot on the team based on her evaluation by the coaching staff at the tryouts.  The program is looking for girls who (1) will be committed to the team as their number one priority during the season; (2) have a good attitude toward their teammates and the coaching staff; (3) have high skill level (compared to their peers at the tryout); (4) have experience playing basketball.

What are the fees to participate in the Conant Feeder program?

For the 2018-2019 season, the cost per player will be $500.00 plus uniform costs.  The fees covers practice time, league fees, tournaments, referees, and insurance.  Individual coaches may offer fundraisers to offset additional expenses his or her team might incur outside of the previous list of items.  For example, one team this season is going to try to send all the players to an overnight basketball camp, so fundraising is going to be used to fund this trip.  The fee for the program will be discussed during the preseason parents meeting, and if your daughter receives and accepts an invitation to be on the feeder team, payments can be made in three equal installments on October 1st, November 1st, and December 1st.

Where are practices held?

Practices will be held at local schools or gyms in Schaumburg and Elk Grove.  Listed below are some of the schools Conant Girls Feeder Basketball has used in the past.

Practices will start in September/October, and the number of practices will depend on gym availability and game schedule.  We try to practice 2-3 times per week before the league game schedule begins, and then we try to practice 1-2 times per week once games start.


Where do the games take place?

Home games will be played at Conant High School.  For the league games, away games will mostly be played at schools in District 211 (Conant’s district) and District 214 (District 211’s sister district).  We will play each team in our league both home (at Conant) and away. For tournaments, it all depends on which tournaments your coach chooses to participate in.  We try to do a couple of tournaments each year.   For example, we have participated in the Palatine tourney the past 2 years.

A typical feeder team will be play 35+ games normally on weekends.  There will be random games on weeknights, but this will not be the norm.  The league games usually start up in late October, so your coach will know most of your schedule then.

How long is the feeder basketball season?

The main season starts with tryouts in mid September and goes until Spring Break.  After that we have skill sessions in the Spring and Summer which are optional.  These weekly sessions are included in the fees for girls who make their Feeder team.

How does playing time work ?

Conant Feeder is not an entitlement program.  However, we do realize that game experience is vitally important to each of the players development.  At our younger ages (5th and 6th), all girls will be given minutes to accommodate this growth.  This should be viewed over a season’s length versus looking at every half of every game.   As the girls get to the 7th/8th Grade, more emphasis is placed on competing for playing time and earning their minutes in practice.  This is needed to get the girls ready for playing at the High School level.